Laurel - 68kg → 63kg

Before going on the ZEST SLIM program, my eating habits were terrible. As a student, I looked for quick and cheap meals, which would often lead me to eating an excess of fast food and processed junk. I was confused as to what nutrients my body required and what I had to eat to feel satiated, nourished and healthy.

Embarking on the ZEST SLIM program was a "last leap of faith" that thankfully provided answers to all of my above questions and concerns. I took ZEST SLIM twice a day, in place of my breakfast and dinner whilst maintaining a healthy diet in between. The shakes themselves were super yummy and flavourful, and a truly enjoyable experience (especially when mixed with a little almond milk or with a handful of berries and spinach!)

After the shakes, I felt surprisingly satisfied; to a point where I no longer felt like reaching for a snack (or two) in between meals. Moreover, by the second week, I noticed improvements that I wasn't expecting - my skin cleared, my hair became smooth and shiny and my energy levels were stabilised. Incorporating just two fitness sessions a week with ZEST SLIM allowed me to tone up my body - especially in the areas I was most conscious of. In just 25 days I lost a total of 5kgs - a change I had not seen in over two years! ZEST SLIM now takes a supplementary role in my diet. I take the shake every morning for breakfast - not just to maintain my weight loss, but because of all the added nutritional benefits (and deliciousness!)

I truly recommend the shake to anybody looking to jumpstart their weight loss journey or simply as a supplement to those with a busy lifestyle.